A surprise trip to Hamburg

Dear readers, please forgive my lack of posts this week. On Wednesday we found out my husband had to travel to Hamburg, Germany for work–and he had to leave that night!

Being the amazing husband he is and knowing I’ve been dying to visit Germany, he booked me a flight and let me tag along! 

Since he is working, I’m doing a lot of my touring solo (a first for me–overseas anyway!). Luckily I have a basic understanding of German and most people here speak English anyway, so I’m making out quite well!

I’ll share stories and more photos when we get back to France, but here are a couple of photos in the meantime. Bis später!


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  1. Jonno says:

    Hi, love the sound of a surprise trip to Hamburg. It’s an amazing city. So much to see and so many places to eat and drink. We are currently in the middle of our little JWalking trip(https://jwalkingin.wordpress.com/) living on the beach just outside Sydney but may move on to Europe next year and Hamburg is definitely on our list.


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