New Home and New Book!

Today marks three weeks since we’ve moved to the Philippines. We are still getting used to our new country, but it’s funny how quickly things start to feel normal. In our past assignments, we rushed to set up and get settled. Some places (like France) were definitely more comfortable than others (like China), but we always tried to make a home wherever we went.

This time we are taking a bit longer to set up. We are still in temporary housing and know we will have to move again in the next couple of months. Yet, Manila is already starting to feel like home.

Maybe it’s the fact that we know we’ll be here longer. Maybe it’s the fact that Manila doesn’t feel so different from the U.S. in a lot of ways. Maybe it’s because we are making a true effort to build contacts and friendships. It’s probably a combination of all of the above, plus the fun of being a family of four that has made Manila feel like home so much sooner than our other assignments.

I’ll write more about our new home in the coming weeks (like how Christmas preparations started in September). Today I’m going to do a shameless self-plug. My first book, Emerald and the Elf King, is available worldwide today!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I wrote the original story in seventh grade. Over the past year, it took on a life of its own. I’ve decided to turn it into a series and am already working on the second book. It’s great for kids between the ages of 9-12 (or anyone who is a kid at heart and loves adventures and princesses).

If you want to start your Christmas shopping early (like the Filipinos), you can click here to find out where to buy a copy. And, if you sign up for my mailing list on, you’ll be entered to win a free digital copy. I’ll draw winners next weekend.

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