First Impressions of Frankfurt

We have our next big move coming up in a few weeks–to Frankfurt, Germany. Most of the places we are sent, we likely won’t be able to do an advance scouting mission. Fortunately, Matt had some meetings here this week so we were able to come up early and check out places to live.

It was a bit iffy getting out on Friday due to the Lufthansa strike. Our evening flight ended up getting canceled, so we scrambled to get on and get ready for a noon flight. Nothing like a last-minute change of plans to keep you on your toes.

We spent the weekend checking out various serviced apartments and areas of the city. We felt like we were on our own episode of “House Hunters International.”

Though most of our time was spent apartment hunting, we did manage to squeeze in a little bit of fun–including a river boat cruise up and down the Main River. Here are some of the pictures.

Overall, Frankfurt seems like a nice city. It’s quite different from Toulouse, but that’s all part of the adventure we signed up for. I can’t wait to see the Christmas markets at Römer Platz.   

 We are supposed to fly out on Wednesday, but time will tell if the strike is over by then. If not, there might be a ten-hour drive in our future. Road trip!

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