Patience is a Virtue?

It is. I know it is. Patience is a virtue I’ve struggled with my entire life. I get so excited about living that sometimes I just forget, well, to live.

If this opportunity to travel the world for Matt’s job teaches me nothing else, it will certainly help with my patience. Already, we’ve had to deal with the stress of not knowing; not knowing if Matt will get the job, not knowing when we’ll start and not knowing where all we are going to live for the next two years.

Today we learned we may have to go to Connecticut for a couple of weeks before they send us to Toulouse. I know it could be worse. It’ll mean we get some time to spend with Matt’s family and some friends we have up there, but it also feels frustrating as we’re just ready to get started already! Our timeline for Toulouse has shifted from mid-April to May.

Again, I remind myself, it really could be worse. La vie n’est rien si ce n’est pas une aventure.

Marseilles, France 2013
Marseilles, France, 2013

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