The Countdown Is on…

This is it–our last week in Atlanta. Reality is definitely sinking in as the minutes and hours tick away until we begin our new journey.

Matt had the day off work, so we spent the day running errands, setting up appointments for junk removal and carpet cleaning and selling my car. Yes, I am now carless. It sounds weird to say that as I’ve had a car since my junior year in college. Luckily we live in Midtown, so I can walk or catch a train most places (not that I’m venturing too far with all the packing and cleaning we have left to do) and Matt still has his car until Sunday.

My fun Kia Soul that I proudly negotiated and purchased just over two years ago is now in the hands of Car Max. It was strange arriving home after we sold it and parking next to my now empty parking space. The next car I drive will likely be a manual transmission vehicle in France (warning to drivers there now–stay off the roads!). I’ve only had sporadic lessons on manual, so learning to drive one overseas is going to be a very interesting experience. car

My cousin, Brady,  came over and picked up our bar (as well as a box of glasses, dartboard and anything else we could convince him to take) after we got home, so our dining room is now pretty empty. Tomorrow, one of Matt’s colleagues is taking my bedroom set. After that, we’re pretty much down to the basics–a couch, bed, dresser and desk. Matt said our move is starting to sink in, but he thinks once our furniture is gone, it’s really going to hit him.

We spent this past weekend, which was Easter weekend and our last full weekend in Atlanta, getting some quality time in with family and friends. Friday was particularly special as we got to be part of my cousin Ryan’s proposal to his girlfriend, Jody.

Ryan is more like a brother to me and I started crying out of happiness when my aunt (his mother) texted me to invite us up to witness their special moment. I immediately told Matt we had to cancel any other plans that night so we could be there.

Ryan proposed during our prayer circle before dinner. We went around saying what we were thankful for and, when it was Ryan’s turn, he started talking about how grateful he is for Jody and his daughter and how they all get along so well. Just as he dropped to one knee, his best friend came walking through the door setting the dogs off on a barking frenzy. Everyone cracked up at Thomas’s “timely” entrance, but Ryan quickly regained his composure and asked Jody to marry him. You can tell from the picture below that she was completely and utterly surprised. Fortunately she said yes!

A surprise engagement!
A surprise engagement!

We are overjoyed we were able to witness Ryan and Jody get engaged before we left and feel blessed to have been able to spend so much quality time with family for Easter. These are the moments we’ll miss most when we’re traveling overseas.


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