Part Two: Connecticut

We woke up this morning in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Yesterday was a long day of travel as we drove the hour and a half from Columbus up to the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, flew to Charlotte and then connected with our flight to Connecticut. Needless to say, we were exhausted by the time we reached our hotel.

Transporting six stuffed suitcases, two backpacks and two camera bags is quite an experience and actually rather comical. When we got to Hartsfield, we were fortunate enough to see a guy with an American Airlines cart and begged him to help us get our luggage inside so I could wait with it while Matt could go drop off our rental car. He helped me lug everything to a corner in front of the American Airlines check-in counter and I waited there for Matt to return.

When Matt got back, we stacked our bags on each other as best as possible and dragged them to the U.S. Airways counter (my biggest bag is just about half the size of me–both in height and weight!). The agent checking our bags couldn’t believe how much we had with us and warned us that our two biggest bags, which were both about 15 pounds overweight, would cost extra money. We shrugged and told her it is what it is and to go on and charge the extra fee. The transportation of our bags ended up costing more than our flights!

Our flight to Charlotte was slightly delayed due to President Obama being there, so Matt and I figured there was no way our bags would all make it to our connecting flight–but they did (yay for U.S. Airways!). We realized as we were approaching Connecticut that we had a bit of a conundrum–we had to both pick up our rental car and collect six bags from baggage claim.

At first we loaded Matt up with our two backpacks and camera bags and thought he should go get the car while I got the bags, but we quickly realized it would be near impossible for me to get everything out the door, let alone across the street to the passenger pick up.

So we collected our bags together, stacked them up again and lugged them outside. Luckily the bus for our rental car company showed up within about five minutes and the very kind driver helped us load everything on board. We took up most of the baggage space–fortunately, we were the only two on board.

Our driver was kind enough to bring us right to our car in the rental lot. He then proceeded to help us, literally, stuff our bags into the trunk and backseat. It was definitely tight, but we managed to get everything in.

I’m sure we’ll have a whole process for transporting our luggage down soon. Have any tips? Please share in the comments below.

Transporting our luggage to the rental car lot.

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